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  • 27 Sep

    Motorcycle “jerk”, why?

    When traffic on the road, the car is shocked as the leading cause of discomfort for people in the traffic, especially to the road is difficult to increase, reduce gas continuously.

    What are the signs and causes of recalls?

    – When the car is running, the driver changes the gas range suddenly shocked, the main cause is due to chain too crooked or slack (mainly slack chain). And the car is running gas that is jerky cycles, it is due to the uneven wear.
    – The vehicle is running, pulling the accelerator which is repeatedly jerked by the error in the cone (irregularly worn leaves or broken springs, …). Usually the phenomenon of car shock caused by the cone will be accompanied by vibration, the most obvious is the car head.
    – The car is stopped, pulling gas started to move or running cars that pay off suddenly gas jerk, the main cause is the rubber rebound.

    Common types of damage

    There are four types of damage: loose, broken, stamping and hardening.

    Fluid is shrinkage of rubber shrinkage over time, which increases the gap between the tailed neck and the rubber surface.
    Breaking, stamping or hardening is a form of defect that causes this component to lose or lose its elastic function when it starts to increase its gas to switch gear or to reduce the gas suddenly. This is often the case with low-quality replacement tires or over-use.

    Motorcycle jerk caused a very large load on the chain, causing the chain to quickly creep, bear fast, worn, scab, tire worn by slipping.

    Slump rubber has a long life, can be up to several years but according to experience to operate smooth car should be replaced after 7.000 to 10.000 km

    When your motorcycle has these signs, you must bring the car to the repair shop to know the exact cause and take timely corrective measures.

    Never say “tongue-in-cheek” that spare any spare, as long as cheap. You are irresponsible to yourself and people who are involved in everyday traffic with you.

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